Football Record Book

Stats are normally updated within a couple of hours after the official box score has been published on the OU website, depending on the time of the game.

Stats updated through the Florida game (12/30/2020)

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Rushing: CareerSeasonGameOpponents
Passing: CareerSeasonGameOpponents
Receiving: CareerSeasonGameOpponents
Punt Returns: CareerSeasonGame
Kickoff Returns: CareerSeasonGame
All Purpose: CareerSeasonGame
Total Offense: CareerSeasonGame
Scoring: CareerSeasonGame
QB Records: CareerSeason
Interceptions: CareerSeasonGame
Tackles: CareerSeasonGame
Sacks: CareerSeasonGame
Tackles for Loss: CareerSeasonGame
Pass Breakups: CareerSeasonGame


Team Offense

Rushing: SeasonGameBowls
Passing: SeasonGameBowls
Total Offense: SeasonGameBowls
Scoring: SeasonGameHalfQuarter
Scoring Margins: SeasonGame
Shutouts: SeasonGameHalf
First Downs: Game
Turnovers: Season
Turnover Margins: Season
Time of Possession: SeasonGame


Team Defense

Rushing: SeasonGame
Passing: SeasonGame
Total Offense: SeasonGame
Scoring: SeasonGameHalfQuarter
Scoring Margins: Game
Shutouts: SeasonGameHalf
First Downs: Game
Turnovers: Season



Streaks: WinningScoringShutout
Longest Plays: OklahomaOpponents
Scoring Drives: OklahomaOpponents
Blocked Kicks: OklahomaOpponents
Temperatures: Game
Attendance: SeasonGame