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Baseball Record Book

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Players Batting

Category Links
Batting Average CareerSeason
At Bats CareerSeason
Runs CareerSeason
Hits CareerSeason
Doubles CareerSeason
Triples CareerSeason
Home Runs CareerSeason
Extra Base Hits CareerSeason
Total Bases CareerSeason
Runs Batted In CareerSeason
Walks CareerSeason
Stolen Bases CareerSeason
Games CareerSeason
10 HR-10 SB Season


Players Pitching

Category Links
Wins CareerSeason
Earned Run Average CareerSeason
Appearances CareerSeason
Starts CareerSeason
Complete Games CareerSeason
Saves CareerSeason
Innings Pitched CareerSeason
Strikeouts CareerSeason


Team Batting

Category Links
Runs Oklahoma Game
Opponent Game



Category Links
No-Hitters Oklahoma
Attendance Game



  • Stats for active players updated through June 3, 2024.
  • Pre-2017 season and career stats were based on this page, but even after making corrections there are some inconsistencies when compared to the 2019 media guide.