Future OU Football Schedules

DISCLAIMER: All future schedules are unofficial until announced by the University of Oklahoma and therefore are subject to change. This information is gathered from conference, university, or local/national news media sources. The accuracy and availability of this information is dependent solely on those sources. I will make every effort to note when a game or series is not official -- short of publishing an unconfirmed rumor -- and, if possible, provide a link or reproduction of the source of that information (older links may not work).


9/17/19 FBSchedules.com reports that OU will host UTEP in 2026.

5/8/19 FBSchedules.com reports that OU will host Western Carolina in 2021. However this blog post from Purple & Gold on March 19 also mentions the game. This article on WCU's official website from May 7 lists their "Officially Announced" upcoming opponents, but does not show Oklahoma. It could be in negotiations at this point.

5/6/19 OU has announced a home-and-home series with Georgia in 2023 and 2031.

4/25/19 OU has announced that the 2019 game with Houston has been moved to Sunday, September 1.

4/9/19 OU has announced a home-and-home series with Alabama in 2032 and 2033.

4/2/19 The Athletic is reporting that Georgia is "deep in talks" with OU for a future home-and-home series. This could fill the non-conference marquee matchup missing from both of their schedules in 2023 (Georgia only has Georgia Tech as of now), with the return game in the 2030s (2031?) given their future opponents.

3/27/19 OU has announced a home-and-home series with Clemson in 2035 and 2036.

12/16/18 The Tulsa World/Eric Bailey report that OU is planning a 2-for-1 series against Tulsa.

4/5/18 FBSchedules.com reports that OU will host Missouri State in 2020.


9/5 Missouri State (1)
9/12 Tennessee
9/26 at Army (2)


9/4 at Tulane
9/11 Western Carolina (1)
9/18 Nebraska


9/3 UTEP
9/17 at Nebraska


9/9 Georgia


8/31 Temple
9/7 at Tennessee
TBA Tulane


9/6 Michigan
9/13 at Temple


9/5 at UTEP (1)
9/12 at Michigan


9/18 LSU


9/2 Temple
9/9 at LSU


9/15 Nebraska


9/14 at Nebraska


9/13 at Georgia


9/11 Alabama


9/10 at Alabama




9/15 at Clemson


9/13 Clemson

(1) Date and/or site reported by a media organization or other website, but has not been officially announced by either university
(2) at West Point


4/3/17 OU has announced a home-and-home series with Tennessee in 2020 and 2024. They also added one game against South Dakota in 2019.

9/16/16 While speaking with John Hoover, Joe Castiglione confirmed that: 1) the LSU series will take place in 2027-28 (no dates were given), 2) a couple of other series against unnamed opponents are being worked on, and 3) a new series with Tulsa is being discussed.

7/8/16 The Tulsa World reports that a neutral-site game vs Arkansas in 2020 is not currently being discussed.

7/6/16 OU has announced a three-game series with Temple in 2024, 2025 and 2028.

5/16/16 The Tulsa World reports that a game in Houston vs Arkansas in 2020 was discussed in June of 2014. Also, in February of 2015 several teams were being considered for a home game on September 7, 2019. Those teams were Arkansas State, Buffalo, Central Michigan, Georgia Southern, Idaho, Kent State, Louisiana Lafayette, Louisiana Tech, Marshall, Massachusetts, New Mexico State, South Alabama, Temple, Texas State, Toledo, Western Kentucky and Wyoming. Temple was also mentioned for a 2017 home game.

1/20/16 OU has announced a second home-and-home series with Nebraska in 2029 and 2030.

5/21/15 OU has announced a three-game series with Tulane in 2017, 2021 and 2024.

9/10/14 OU has announced a home-and-home series with Houston in 2016 and 2019.

9/9/14 FBSchedules.com reports that OU and LSU have rescheduled their series for 2027-28.

7/14/14 OU has announced a home-and-home series with Michigan.

5/8/14 OU has announced a home-and-home series with UTEP.

11/6/13 OU has announced changes to the 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2019 schedules. OU and LSU are looking to reschedule their home-and-home series that was set for 2018-19.

11/29/12 The games against Nebraska in 2021-22 are official.

11/7/11 UCFSports.com reports that a home-and-home series starting in 2012 is in the works. However, on 11/8, Travis Haney reported on Twitter that... "I'm also told news of UCF home-and-home is premature. It's one of several options for OU, but not close to being done yet." ... "Source did say OU has spoken with UCF. But home-home certainly not done, or even all that close."

11/7/11 Kirk Bohls reports that future games between OU and Texas A&M might be possible.

10/22/11 Conference realignment creating scheduling headaches for OU football.

10/10/11 According to Kirk Bohls' column, OU and Arkansas are discussing a series.

8/4/09 OU announces a series with Army for 2018 and 2020.

6/8/08 According to the Tulsa World, the team that backed out of a 2008 game with OU was Middle Tennessee.