Softball Record Book

Batting Player Oklahoma Opponent
Games: CareerSeason    
Batting Average: Career    
At-Bats: CareerSeason    
Runs: CareerSeason Game Game
Hits: CareerSeason    
Doubles: CareerSeason    
Triples: CareerSeason    
Home Runs: CareerSeason    
Extra Base Hits: CareerSeason    
Total Bases: CareerSeason    
RBI: CareerSeason    
Walks: CareerSeason    
Stolen Bases: CareerSeason    

Pitching Player Oklahoma Opponent
ERA: CareerSeason    
Wins: CareerSeason    
Appearances: CareerSeason    
Complete Games: CareerSeason    
Innings: CareerSeason    
Strikeouts: CareerSeason    
No-Hitters:   All  


  • Stats for active players updated through June 4, 2019.
  • Stats are now pulled from the NCAA website since they are updated more frequently. However, there have been some inconsistencies between the stats on their website and OU's website in the past.