1898 Football Season

2-0 Overall ▪ Vernon Parrington


Date   Opponent PF PA Att OU: Rec Rk QB Opp: Rec Rk Conf Coach Season
11/17 A Arkansas City Town Team W 5 0 NA 0-0 NA NA -- NA Ind
11/28 H Fort Worth W 24 0 NA 1-0 NA NA -- NA NA
Totals 29 0 NA 0-0
Averages 15 0 NA 0%
Highs 24 0 NA
Lows 5 0 NA

Note: Starting QB research prior to the 2000s required some best guesses based on available win-loss data and/or newspaper game summaries (and some help from Ray Dozier of The Oklahoma Football Encyclopedia). Some of which conflicts with totals published by the university. If you have proof of a different starter, or starters before 1920, please contact me.