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Blocked Kicks ▪ Oklahoma

This list is based on official publications, box scores, and game recaps, but there were some gaps and inconsistencies in those sources. Blocks from incomplete seasons are shaded in gray. Let me know if you find a discrepancy or know of any more prior to 1997 (there are no blocked extra points that were returned by OU for two points from 1988 - when the rule was added - and 1996).

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Scoring Plays

Since 1997 sorted by most recent game/play first

Play Player (Scorer) Season   Opponent Result
XP Isaiah Coe (Pat Fields DXP) 2021 H Nebraska W 23-16
Punt Brayden Willis (Austin Stogner TD) 2019 H West Virginia W 52-14
Punt Brayden Willis (Curtis Bolton TD) 2018 H Kansas W 55-40
Punt Lee Morris (Curtis Bolton TD) 2018 H Florida Atlantic W 63-14
XP Jordan Phillips (Zack Sanchez DXP) 2014 A #25 TCU L 37-33
XP Jordan Wade (Aaron Colvin DXP) 2013 A Kansas W 34-19
Punt Matt Dimon (Team safety)  
Punt Corey Nelson (Team safety) 2010 A Texas A&M L 33-19
Punt Javon Harris (Team safety) 2010 H Colorado W 43-10
Punt Jason Carter (Team safety) 2006 A #23 Missouri W 26-10
Punt Brandon Shelby (Will Peoples TD) 2002 H #24 Texas Tech W 60-15
Punt Derrick Strait (Terrance Simms TD) 2002 H #9 Iowa State W 49-3
FG Ontei Jones (Rocky Bright TD) 1998 H Texas Tech W 20-17
Punt Chris Hammons (Seth Littrell TD) 1998 A Baylor W 28-16
XP Martin Chase (Corey T. Ivy DXP) 1997 A California L 40-36
Punt Travian Smith (Sedric Jones TD) 1997 H Syracuse W 36-34
Punt Tink Collins (Russell Jones TD) 1991 N #19 Virginia W 48-14
FG Bud Hebert (Barry Burget TD) 1977 H Vanderbilt W 25-23
Punt Ralph Harris 1940 H Oklahoma State W 29-27


  • 2008: I cannot find Lendy Holmes' block vs Cincinnati in a box score, game recap, or video highlights (although there was a failed fake punt). In subsequent game notes, there is a blocked punt for 'Oklahoma Team'. In the 2009 media guide it is shown in his defensive totals, but not in the opponent punting totals.
  • 2002: The 2003 media guide shows six team blocks. I have found seven which includes three for Andre Woolfolk who was only attributed with two in the media guide.
  • 1999: I cannot determine the order of the blocks vs Indiana State.
  • 1997: The 1998 media guide says Corey T. Ivy blocked an extra point in the Texas Tech game, but it looks like it was actually a 26-yard field goal attempt according to video highlights.