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Players Scoring on their First Play

Thanks to Dennis "Stats" Kelly from the OU radio crew who provided his research for this page. Although this data is hard to find and validate, I'm hoping that more research can be done in the future for existing and new categories where it makes sense. If you can help, please contact me.

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Since 1970

Player (13) Class Yards Season   Opponent Result
Gavin Freeman FR 46 2022 H UTEP W 45-13
Dillon Gabriel JR 12 2022 H UTEP W 45-13
Caleb Williams FR 1 2021 H Tulane W 40-35
Mikey Henderson FR 4 2020 A Texas Tech W 62-28
Seth McGowan FR 1 2020 H Missouri State W 48-0
Jaxon Uhles SR 1 2017 H UTEP W 56-7
Devin Montgomery FR 10 2016 H Kansas W 56-3
LaColtan Bester SR 35 2013 H #10 Texas Tech W 38-30
Tim Duncan SR 10 2001 H Texas A&M W 31-10
Doug Switzer FR 1 1992 H Missouri W 51-17
Darrell Shepard SO 60 1979 H Kansas W 38-0
Mike Thomas SO 90 1972 H Oregon W 68-3
Dale Crawford SO 66 1950 H Kansas State W 58-0


  • 'First Play' is specific to the selected category. For example, Tim Duncan's first reception was in 1999, and his first run was in 2001.
  • These lists reflect the player's first plays while at OU. Plays at previous schools are not considered.
  • Lee Morris' second catch was also a touchdown (18 yards from Baker Mayfield at Ohio State).
  • Billy Brooks scored on a 34-yard end around in the third quarter at Kansas State in 1973. He also had another carry for -1 yard giving him two carries for 33 yards. Those were his first two carries as a Sooner, but it is unclear which was first.