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Football Transfers

This list is a work in progress. The From schools are pulled from the rosters in the media guides (where available; individual player bios have not been researched). At this time, spring/summer transfers will not be added until/if they appear in the fall media guide. I will be updating them so they have the state (if necessary) and are consistent from one player to another so they can be filtered or sorted in the future.

Transfers from OU are not always confirmed to have actually enrolled or played for their new school. They also include players who retired while at OU or were dismissed, but then went to another school (again, where available). Note: This only shows the school a player transferred from/to immediately before or after their time at OU.

Please contact me if you see an issue or omission (with proof, Wikipedia acceptable).

Player (343) Season(s) From To
Adams, Abdul 2016-2017 Syracuse
Agypong, Kwado 2003 Northeastern State (OK)
Ah You, C.J. 2005-2006 Snow College
Aikman, Troy 1984-1985 UCLA
Alexander, Marcus 2019-2022 Texas State
Allen, Drew 2009-2012 Syracuse
Allen, Noah 2002 Sam Houston
Anderson, Nate 2020-2023 SMU
Anthony, Andrel 2023 Michigan
Atkinson, Colt 2019-2021 Trinity Valley CC
Ayers, Darryl 2005 UNC Charlotte
Ayodele, Remi 2004-2005 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Badet, Jeff 2017 Kentucky
Baldwin, Starrland 2018-2019 Laney College
Balogun, Mike 2008-2009 Lackawanna College (PA)
Balous, Johnnie 1997-1999 Navarro CC
Banks, Angelo 1998 Fort Scott CC (KS)
Barnes, Robert 2017-2020 Colorado
Barnett, Jed 2013-2014 Laney College
Bartee, William 1998-1999 Butler CC (KS)
Baum, Tanner 2017-2018 Wyoming
Baxter, Jarvis 2015-2016 Trinity Valley CC
Bell, Jesse 2010-2011 Northeastern State (OK)
Bester, LaColtan 2012-2013 East Mississippi CC
Beville, Davis 2022-2023 Pittsburgh South Carolina
Bishop, Dalton 2018-2020 Lewis & Clark College
Blankenship, Lee 2004-2005 East Central (OK)
Bomar, Rhett 2004-2005 Sam Houston
Bond, Devante 2014-2015 Sierra CC
Booty, General 2022-2023 Tyler (TX) JC Louisiana-Monroe
Bothroyd, Rondell 2023 Wake Forest
Bowens, Micah 2021-2022 Penn State Charlotte
Bradley, Mark 2003-2004 Arkansas-Pine Bluff
Breathett, Sherdeill 2008 Coffeyville CC (KS)
Brewer, George 1946-1949 Texas Tech
Bridges, Trejan 2019-2020 East Los Angeles College
Brown, Austin 2013 Sioux Falls
Brown, Justin 2012 Penn State
Brown, Marquise 2017-2018 College of the Canyons (CA)
Brown, Shaq 1996-1997 Navarro CC
Brown, Zack/Zach 2008-2010 Oklahoma State
Bryant, J.R. 2008-2009 Garden City CC (KS)
Bunkley-Shelton, LV 2022-2023 Arizona State Georgia Southern
Burroughs, Ramon 1996 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Byrd, Savion 2021-2023 SMU
Calcaterra, Grant 2017-2019 SMU
Carollo, Joe 1993-1995 Sacramento CC
Choice, Tashard 2003-2004 Georgia Tech
Chretien, Marcus 2000-2001 Kilgore College (TX)
Coe, Isaiah 2021-2023 Iowa Western CC
Cohen, Michael 2006-2007 Kilgore College (TX)
Coldon, C.J. 2022 Wyoming
Collins, Doug 2020-2021 Emporia State
Congel, Robert 2021-2022 Arizona
Conley, Tim 1997-1998 Santa Monica College (CA)
Conyers, Jalin 2020 Arizona State
Crawford, Jaquayln 2018-2019 Arkansas
Curtis, Devion/Davion 2020-2021 McNeese State
Daimler, Christian 2013-2016 Texas A&M
Danley, Jamal 2015-2016 East Mississippi CC
Davis, Chad 1992 Washington State
Davis, Jaden 2019-2022 Miami (FL)
Davis, Wendell 1993-1995 Coffeyville CC (KS)
DeGrate, Travis 2017-2018 East Central (OK)
Dennis, Kendall 2020-2022 South Florida
Denton, Tim 1994-1995 Blinn College (TX)
Desmond, Jim 1943 Santa Clara
Dixon, Dan 2004-2005 Cornell (NY)
Dolby, Kendel 2023 Northeastern Oklahoma A&M
Doucet, Kapri 2016 Lackawanna College (PA)
Draper, Levi 2017-2019 Arkansas
Duncan, Howard 2000-2001 Butler CC (KS)
Duncan, Tim 1999-2001 Kentucky State
Dunlaney/Dulaney, Michael 1998-1999 Tulsa (1999)
Eaton, Joshua 2020-2022 Texas State
Ellison, Josh 2020-2022 Blinn College Memphis
Elzinga, Luke 2023 Central Michigan
Ergenbright, Kyle 2022 Northern Colorado
Everett, Kass 2012-2013 Pierce CC
Everett, Troy 2023 Appalachian State (NC)
Evers, Nick 2022 Wisconsin
Faamatau, Dillon 2017-2019 Cerritos College (CA)
Fanuiel, Josh 2023 Cameron
Fay, Hampton 2023 Michigan State
Felix, Finley 2019-2021 Coffeyville (KS) CC
Feo, Tony 2013-2014 Fullerton College (CA)
Ferguson, Blake 2002-2004 North Carolina
Fields, Leroy 1997 Navarro CC
Fields, Pat 2018-2021 Stanford
Ford, Keith 2013-2014 Texas A&M
Ford, Trace 2023 Oklahoma State
Frazier, Devin 2009 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Freeman, Gavin 2022-2023 Oklahoma State
Friend, Brian 2000-2001 Friends (KS)
Fuente, Justin 1995-1997 Murray State
Gabriel, Dillon 2022-2023 UCF Oregon
Gardner, Courtney 2012 Sierra CC
Gardner, Ernest 2015-2016 Laney College
Goins, Aaron 1990 Oklahoma State
Grady, Tommy 2003-2004 Utah
Graham, D.J. 2020-2023 Utah State
Grant, Cason 2020 Mississippi State
Gravitt, Bill 1962 Southwestern (OK)
Gray, Eric 2021-2022 Tennessee
Green, Brannon 2012-2013 Fort Scott CC (KS)
Green, Cayden 2023 Missouri
Green-Beckham, Dorial 2014 Missouri
Grimes, Reggie 2020-2023 Memphis
Gumbs, Addison 2017-2018 Oregon State
Guyton, Tyler 2022-2023 TCU
Halzle, Joey 2006-2008 Golden West CC
Hamilton, T.J. 2008-2009 Southern Nazarene
Hammons, Chris 1998-2000 East Central (OK)
Hampton, Ben 2009 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Hansen, Justice 2014 Butler CC (KS)
Harman/Harmon, Jason 1994 Highland CC
Harmon, Damond 2021-2022 North Carolina A&T
Harrington, Justin 2020-2023 Bakersfield (CA) CC Washington
Haselwood, Jadon 2019-2021 Arkansas
Hawk, Jon 2001 Garden City CC (KS)
Haywood, Austin 2010-2011 Central Arkansas
Heinecke, Cory 1999-2001 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Heinecke, Owen 2022-2023 Ohio State
Hellard, Derek 2010 Oklahoma State
Hester, J.J. 2022-2023 Missouri
Heupel, Josh 1999-2000 Snow JC (SD)
Hicks, Marcus 2019-2022 South Dakota State
Hilaire, Eric 2000-2002 Southwestern Oklahoma
Howard, Theo 2020 UCLA
Hubble, Rocky 1980-1982 Ranger (TX) JC
Huddleston, Woody 1935-1937 Texas
Hughey, Noah 2007 Redlands CC
Humphrey, John 2015 Arizona State
Hurts, Jalen 2019 Alabama
Hybl, Nate 1999-2002 Georgia
Ijalana, Isaac 2014-2015 Pierce CC
Ivy, Corey 1997-1998 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Jackson, Brent 1998-2000 Santa Monica College (CA)
Jackson, Cody 2021 Houston
Jackson, Elvin 1943-1944 Humboldt State (CA)
Jackson, Mark 2016-2019 TCU
Jefferson, Dan 2002 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Jeffries, Tavaris 2009-2010 Coahoma CC (MS)
Johnson, Lane 2010-2012 Kilgore College (TX)
Johnson, Monty 1969-1970 Texas
Johnson, Stephen 2018-2020 Blinn College (TX)
Johnson, Will 2015-2017 Monroe CC
Jones, Dominique 2020-2021 Oklahoma State
Jones, Emmanuel 2009-2010 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Jones, Jarvis 2009-2011 LSU
Jones, Kellen? 2011 Clemson
Jones, Mykel 2016-2019 Tulane
Jones, Princz 2009 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Jones, Ryan 2017-2019 East Carolina
Jones, Spencer/Spence 2018-2021 Liberty
Jordan, Jonathan 2005 Central Oklahoma
Joseph, Jason 1998-1999 South Carolina
Julious, Ashton 2016-2017 Lackawanna College (PA)
Keith, Brandon 2005 Oklahoma A&M JC
Kendall, Austin 2016-2018 West Virginia
Kenney, Cameron 2009-2010 Garden City CC (KS)
Kerstetter, Zach 2018 Central Oklahoma
Knall, Mike 2005-2008 Scottsdale CC
Knight, Trevor 2012-2015 Texas A&M
Knowles, Jaden 2020-2022 Southwestern Oklahoma State
Kramer, Kyle 1994 Johnson CC
Lacey, Jacob 2023 Notre Dame
Latu, Will 2012 College of the Canyons (CA)
Laulu, Jonah 2022-2023 Hawai'i
Lawrence, Key 2021-2023 Tennessee Mississippi
Lepak, Brian 2009-2010 Colorado State
Levy, Tony 1990-1991 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Lewis, Fred 1994-1995 Sacramento CC
Lewis, Geno 2016 Penn State
Little, Mo 1996-1997 Coffeyville CC (KS)
Llewellyn, Jason 2022-2023 Texas Tech
Loadholt, Phil 2007-2008 Garden City CC (KS)
Logan, Ashton 2023 Colorado
Longcrier, Hunter 2020 Mary Hardin-Baylor
Looney, Joe 1962-1963 Cameron (OK)
Luckey, Stirling 1992-1995 Coffeyville CC (KS)
Lynch, Tylon 2016-2018 Pima CC
Major, Marcus 2019-2023 Minnesota
Marrs, Kyle 2012-2013 Houston
Marshall, Gavin 2022-2023 Maryland
Marshall, Torrance 1999-2000 Miami-Dade CC
Mayfield, Baker 2014-2017 Texas Tech
Mbanasor, P.J. 2015-2016 Louisville
McCullough, Daeh 2023 Louisville
McCullough, Dasan 2023 Indiana
McCutchin, Latrell 2021 USC
McDaniel, Gabriel 2022-2023 Middle Tennessee State
McDougle, Stockar 1998-1999 Navarro CC
McGee, Garrick 1994-1995 Northeastern A&M (OK)
McGruder, Lynn 2002-2004 Tennessee
McMillan, Julius 2000 Kansas State
Megwa, Emeka 2022-2023 Washington
Metoyer, Trey 2011-2013 Hargrave Military Academy
Mettauer, McKade 2022-2023 California
Meyer, Kevin 1978 Princeton USC
Milburn, Glyn 1988 Stanford
Mills, Nick 2016-2017 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Mitchell, Lance 2002-2004 CC of San Francisco
Mittermeier, Quinn 2015-2018 Butler CC (KS)
Moore, Sherrone 2006-2007 Butler CC (KS)
Moore, Tramonda 2018 Independence CC
Mordecai, Tanner 2018-2020 SMU
Morgan, Quentin 2001 Washington
Moriarty, Paul 1991-1992 Blinn College (TX)
Morris, Chandler 2020 TCU
Morris, Jamal 2019-2021 Houston
Morris, Wanya 2021-2022 Tennessee
Morrison, Trey 2022 North Carolina
Mortazavi, Cameron 2017 Oral Roberts
Mukes, Jordan 2021-2022 Abilene Christian
Murray, Chris 2020-2022 UCLA
Murray, Kyler 2016-2018 Texas A&M
Mustafaraj, Redi 2023 Northeastern Oklahoma A&M
Ndoma-Ogar, E.J. 2019 Missouri
Neal, Joshua 2010 CC of San Francisco
Near, Konnor 2023 Ferris State (MI)
Nelson, Chaz 2012-2013 Garden City CC (KS)
Nevel, Chase 2017-2018 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Nichol, Keith 2007 Michigan State
Nicholson, Donte 2003-2004 Mt. San Antonio JC
Nolan, Riley 2013-2016 Missouri Southern State
O'Neal, Matt 1998-1999 Palomar College
Obialo, Obi 2020 Marshall
Olds, Terence 2013 Rose State College
Onyenegecha, Chijioke 2004-2005 CC of San Francisco
Owens, Jameel 2008-2009 Tulsa
Paea, Phil 2023 Utah State
Page, Jon 1989-1990 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Palange, Joe 2013-2015 William & Mary
Parades, Alex 2021 Independenc (KS) CC
Parker, Daniel 2022 Missouri
Parks, Aaryn 2020-2023 South Carolina
Patrick, Allen 2005-2007 Independence CC
Paulsen, Jesse 2010-2012 New Mexico
Pearson, Lindell 1948-1949 Arkansas
Pearson, Reggie 2023 Texas Tech
Peoples, Ryan 2019-2022 Oklahoma City CC
Pfau, Kyle 2015-2017 LSU
Pinson, Larry 2002 Minnesota
Pipkin, Nick 1997 Kansas Wesleyan
Plaster, Josh 2021-2023 Arizona State
Pleasant, Ian 2005-2007 West Hills CC
Pledger, T.J. 2018-2020 Utah
Powers, Ben 2016-2018 Butler CC (KS)
Powers, Harold 1997 Santa Monica College (CA)
Prince, Marloe 2008 Lone Star College-CyFair (TX)
Prishker, Juan 2000-2002 Blinn College (TX)
Proctor, R.J. 2019 Virginia
Radley-Hiles, Bookie 2018-2020 Washington
Rambo, Charleston 2017-2020 Miami (FL)
Rattler, Spencer 2019-2021 South Carolina
Rawls, Brent 2001-2002 Louisiana Tech
Redman, Chris 1995 Louisville
Reed, Mike 2007 Yuba CC
Reeves, Matt 1998-1999 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Richardson, Kyre 2020 Coffeyville CC (KS)
Richardson, Ramon 1999-2001 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Riddles, Darren 1999 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Riddley, Steve 1996 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Roberson, Kori 2019-2022 SMU
Roberts, Bryce 2019 New Mexico State
Roberts, Cedric 2022 Texas State
Roberts, Willie 2003-2005 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Robison, Chris 2017 Florida Atlantic
Rodgers, Tyrone 1987-1988 Washington
Rodriguez, Dalton 2015-2017 Tulsa
Ross, Alex 2012-2015 Missouri
Ross, Tristen 2005 Seminole State
Rouse, Walter 2023 Stanford
Russell, Quincy 2013-2014 Trinity Valley CC Southern Miss
Saltarelli, Dane 2018-2020 Western Kentucky
Sarubbi, Steven 2002 Hancock CC
Saunders, Jalen 2012-2013 Fresno State
Savage, Dionte 2013-2014 Arizona Western College
Sears, Davon 2023 Texas State
Sermon, Trey 2017-2019 Ohio State
Serruto, Drew 2010-2011 Eastern Michigan
Shaffer, Caleb 2023 Miami [OH]
Shaw, Seymore 2001 Oklahoma State
Shepard, Darrell 1980-1981 Houston
Simmons, Able 1996-1998 Livingstone College
Simms, Terrance 2000-2002 Hutchison CC
Simpson, Darrell 2018-2021 Tulsa
Skinner, Reggie 1997-1999 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Smith, Blake 2023 Texas A&M Texas State
Smith, Clayton 2021-2022 Arizona State
Smith, Kolby 2006 Ellsworth CC (IA)
St. John, Josiah 2013-2015 Trinity Valley CC
Stevenson, Rhamondre 2019-2020 Cerritos College (CA)
Stogner, Austin 2019-2023 South Carolina South Carolina
Stokes, LaRon 2019-2021 Northeastern Oklahoma A&M
Stratton, Rob 1981 Fort Hays State (KS)
Sturch, John 2000-2002 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Sunderland, Will 2015-2016 Troy
Sutton, Marcelias 2017-2018 Lackawanna College (PA)
Swaby, David 2018-2019 Navarro CC
Swayze, Cole 2015 Oklahoma Baptisst
Switzer, Doug 1991-1993 Missouri Southern
Switzer, Jacob 2023 Southeastern Louisiana
Taylor, Ty 2021-2022 Abilene Christian
Tease, Myles 2016-2018 Central Oklahoma
Terry, Da’Jon 2023 Tennessee
Terry, Jon-Michael 2016-2020 Tulsa
Thomas, Mike 1972 UNLV
Thompson, Bentavious 2022 UCF
Thompson, Brenen 2023 Texas
Thompson, Kendal 2011-2013 Utah
Thornton, Mike 1998-1999 Navarro CC
Tillman, Coby 2018-2019 NE Oklahoma A&M
Travis, Reese 1998-2000 Northeastern A&M (OK)
Turk, Michael 2021-2022 Arizona State
Turner, Reggie 2016-2018 Blinn College (TX)
Ugwoegbu, David 2019-2022 Houston
Uhles, Jaxon 2014-2017 Pittsburg State
Vinson, Jeff 2009 Lackawanna College (PA)
Wagoner, Jasiah 2023 California
Walker, Brandon 2006-2008 Coffeyville CC (KS)
Walker, Brey 2018-2022 Texas State
Walker, Kani 2022-2023 Louisville
Walker, Tawee 2022-2023 Palomar College (CA) Wisconsin
Wallis, Ryan 1996 Southeastern Oklahoma
Washington, Bryson 2020-2022 New Mexico
Wasson, Chase 2007 Texas State
Wease, Theo 2019-2022 Missouri
Westbrook, Dede 2015-2016 Blinn College (TX)
Whaley, Dominique 2010-2012 Langston
Wilkins, Stacey 2019-2020 Louisiana-Monroe
Williams, Caleb 2021 USC
Williams, Damien 2012-2013 Arizona Western College
Williams, Mario 2021 USC
Williams, Mitch 2011 Northeastern State (OK)
Williams, Sammy 1996-1997 Coffeyville CC (KS)
Wilson-Guest, Jeremy 1998-2000 Arkansas
Winfrey, Perrion 2020-2021 Iowa Western CC
Woods, Clayton 2018-2019 Blinn College (TX)
Woods, Mike 2021 Arkansas
Wren, Erick 2015-2017 Arizona Western College
Wren, Maureese 2021-2022 Texas State