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Football Relatives

This list is a work in progress. Please contact me if you see an issue or omission (with proof, Wikipedia acceptable).

Player (89) Season(s) Hometown Related To
Barnes, Reggie 1988-1992 Grand Prairie, TX Robert (son)
Barnes, Robert 2017-2020 Southlake, TX Reggie (father)
Bennett, Ashton 2013 Houston, TX Austin (brother)
Bennett, Austin 2013-2015 Manvel, TX Ashton (brother)
Berg, Brandon 1996-1997 Abilene, TX Bob (father), Fred (grandfather)
Berg, Fred 1939 Wewoka, OK Bob (son), Brandon (grandson)
Berg, Bob 1971-1974 Wewoka, OK Fred (father), Brandon (son)
Bothun, Garrett 2004-2007 Rowlett, TX Grant (brother)
Bothun, Grant 2012-2016 Rowlett, TX Garrett (brother)
Bradford, Kent 1975-1978 Putnam City, OK Sam (son)
Bradford, Sam 2006-2009 Oklahoma City, OK Kent (father)
Bradley, Danny 1981-1984 Pine Bluff, AR Mark (son)
Bradley, Mark 2003-2004 Pine Bluff, AR Danny (father)
Braught, Jack 2013-2015 Duncan, OK Howard McCasland (great grandfather)
Bryan, Mitch 1981-1983 Broken Arrow, OK Rick (brother), Steve (brother)
Bryan, Rick 1980-1983 Broken Arrow, OK Mitch (brother), Steve (brother)
Bryan, Steve 1982-1986 Broken Arrow, OK Mitch (brother), Rick (brother)
Burget, Barry 1976-1979 Stroud, OK Grant (brother)
Burget, Grant 1971-1974 Stroud, OK Barry (brother)
Burris, Kurt 1951-1954 Muskogee, OK Lyle (brother), Lynn (brother), Paul (brother), Bob (brother)
Burris, Lyle 1956-1957 Muskogee, OK Kurt (brother), Lynn (brother), Paul (brother), Bob (brother)
Burris, Lynn 1956-1957 Muskogee, OK Kurt (brother), Lyle (brother), Paul (brother), Bob (brother)
Burris, Buddy 1946-1948 Muskogee, OK Kurt (brother), Lyle (brother), Lynn (brother), Bob (brother)
Burris, Bob 1953-1955 Muskogee, OK Kurt (brother), Lyle (brother), Lynn (brother), Paul (brother)
Cabbiness, Carl 1985-1988 Tulsa, OK Chris (brother)
Cabbiness, Chris 1987-1990 Tulsa, OK Carl (brother)
Collier, Perry 1991-1995 Munday, TX Terry (twin brother)
Collier, Terry 1991-1995 Munday, TX Perry (twin brother)
Crowder, Earl 1936-1938 Cherokee, OK Stanley (son)
Crowder, Stan 1964-1967 Enid, OK Earl (father)
Derrick, Wilbur 1954-1955 Woodward, OK Robert?
Emerson, Dean 1958 Wilson, OK Tom?
Evans, Jordan 2013-2016 Norman, OK Scott (father)
Evans, Scott 1986-1990 Edmond, OK Jordan (son)
Fletcher, Patrick 1997-2000 Norman, OK Ronnie (father)
Fletcher, Ronnie 1962-1964 Eufaula, OK Patrick (Son)
Foster, Eddie 1970-1973 Monahans, TX Jerry (brother)
Foster, Jerry 1972-1975 Monahans, TX Eddie (brother)
Gravitt, Bert 1962 Denver City, TX Bill (twin brother)
Gravitt, Bill 1962 Denver City, TX Bert (twin brother)
Harley, John 1910 John Jr. (son)
Harley, John 1943-1944 John, Sr. (father)
Henderson, Dave 1968 Folsom, CA Alan?, Stan?
Henderson, Stan 1965-1967 Folsom, CA Alan (brother), Dave?
Henderson, Alan 1964-1966 Folsom, CA Stan (brother), Dave?
Ingram, Austin 1952 Lawton, OK Jerry (brother)
Ingram, Jerry 1950-1952 Lawton, OK Austin (brother)
Knight, Connor 2012-2016 San Antonio, TX Trevor (twin brother)
Knight, Trevor 2012-2015 San Antonio, TX Connor (twin brother)
Lashar, R.D. 1987-1990 Plano, TX Tim Lashar (brother)
Lashar, Tim 1983-1986 Plano, TX R.D. Lashar (brother)
Littrell, Jim 1973-1975 Muskogee, OK Seth (son)
Littrell, Seth 1997-2000 Muskogee, OK Jim (father)
McCasland, Howard 1914-1915 Jack Braught (great grandson)
Melson, Chris 1987-1991 Ada, OK Major (son)
Melson, Major 2020-2023 Mansfield, TX Chris (father)
Nixon, Freddie 1976-1979 Miami, FL Laenar (son)
Nixon, Laenar 2002-2006 Miami, FL Freddie (father)
O'Neal, Benton 1956-1958 Ada, OK Jay (brother), Pat (brother)
O'Neal, Jay 1954-1956 Ada, OK Benton (brother), Pat (brother)
O'Neal, Pat 1951-1954 Ada, OK Benton (brother), Jay (brother)
Owens, Steve 1967-1969 Miami, OK Tinker (brother)
Owens, Tinker 1972-1975 Miami, OK Steve (brother)
Panter, Adam 2000-2002 Stilwell, OK Ben (brother)
Panter, Ben 1998-2001 Stilwell, OK Adam (brother)
Pearson, Lindell 1948-1949 Oklahoma City, OK Tommy (brother)
Pearson, Tommy 1954-1955 Oklahoma City, OK Lindell (brother)
Price, King 1923 Bill (son)
Price, Bill 1945-1950 Norman, OK King (father)
Reddell, Brad 1988-1992 Bedford, TX John C. (grandfather), John (father)
Reddell, John 1971 Arlington, TX John C. (father), Brad (son)
Reddell, John 1950-1952 Oklahoma City, OK John (son), Brad (grandson)
Santee, Jack 1950-1952 Skiatook, OK John-Philip Hughes (grandson/football), Caroline Hughes (granddaughter/crew)
Selmon, Dewey 1972-1975 Eufaula, OK Lee Roy (brother), Lucious (brother)
Selmon, Lee Roy 1972-1975 Eufaula, OK Dewey (brother), Lucious (brother)
Selmon, Lucious 1971-1973 Eufaula, OK Dewey (brother), Lee Roy (brother)
Stoia, George 1984 Bartlesville, OK Elizabeth (sister/softball)
Stufflebean, Nathan 1938 Pauls Valley, OK Ralph (brother)
Stufflebean, Ralph 1939 Pauls Valley, OK Nathan (brother)
Tabor, Paul 1975-1979 Houston, TX Phil (brother)
Tabor, Phil 1975-1978 Houston, TX Paul (brother)
Williams, Jeff 1977-1981 Lakewood, CO Steve (brother)
Williams, Steve 1978-1982 Lakewood, CO Jeff (brother)
Wilson, Corey 2007-2009 Carrollton, TX Travis (brother)
Wilson, Travis 2002-2005 Carrollton, TX Corey (brother)
Winchester, James 2009-2011 Washington, OK Mike (father)
Winchester, Mike 1984-1986 Marietta, OK James (son/football), Carolyn (daughter/women's basketball), Rebecca (daughter/rowing)
Wren, Erick 2015-2017 Mesquite, TX Maureese (brother)
Wren, Maureese 2021-2022 Mesquite, TX Erick (brother)