New SoonerStats Design

I am pleased to announce a new version of SoonerStats that is more mobile friendly since a majority of you are using your phones or tablets to access the site.

This is slightly more minimalist than the old version, but that's on purpose since I'm a little short on graphic design experience and time (I'm not really going for style points anyway, just usability). Hopefully the clean look and larger typeface is easier to read without having to squint, zoom or scroll horizontally as much.

I will continue tweaking things here and there as more pages are converted and as feedback is received. Please bear with me as I am a team of one and there are over 300 pages to convert. About a third of those are in the Football section and those will be addressed first, but it will likely take several weeks (at least).

During this time, you will still see the old version on some pages. My apologies if this staggered release is confusing to jump back and forth between designs. But I think it will be better than having a bunch of broken links.


To allow for a better mobile experience, two of the original ads have been removed. The two remaining ads will now resize to fit your screen. To replace this probable loss of revenue, I'm going to experiment with two new types of mobile-only ads: a 'sticky' ad that will cover a small part of the bottom of the screen until dismissed, and a full-screen ad that should only appear a couple of times depending on the length of your visit.

Known Issues

Please check this list before submitting an issue on the Feedback form.