2016 Football Attendance Estimates

With the expansion and renovation of the south end zone of Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, questions about what the new capacity and individual game figures might be have come up. While we won't know about the new capacity other than it 'is not anticipated to change significantly' until an official announcement is made, we can calculate some estimates based on recent years.

Under Coach Stoops, the Sooners have averaged just over 103% of the actual listed capacity — ranging from 72,765 in 1999 to 82,112 in 2015 — and the season high in each of those years was 104%. Since we don't know whether an insignificant change means only a few hundred or a few thousand, we'll be optimistic and project the latter.

As you can see in the table below, attendance may still fall below the 90,000 mark unless there's a corresponding increase in staff due to the additional square footage and/or some standing-room only that will be counted. Given the historical percentages, the minimum capacity to average 90,000 would be about 87,125, and for a single game, 86,539.

UPDATE: On 7/21 Eric Bailey tweeted that the official attendance for 2016 would be 83,489. I have added that figure to the table below with the estimated Average and High based on the numbers from previous years.

Capacity Average High
83,489 85,994 86,829
82,1121 85,3572 86,0313
83,000 85,707 86,349
84,000 86,740 87,390
85,000 87,773 88,430
86,000 88,805 89,470
1 - Capacity from 2004-15
2 - Highest season average (2015)
3 - Highest game figure (vs Notre Dame in 2012)